Really nice abstract animation. Love how it almost looks like a game engine. Can’t get enough of sci-fi-esque stuff like this…

See the video here »

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Today is brought to you by the letter C

Today I updated my copy of TouchOSC - the awesome iPad & iPhone app that lets you create your own templates fo use when DJing, VJing or just bedroom producing. In fact, combined with other apps like OSCulator, you can make it pretty much control anything! That’s a different story for now anyway…

So why is C so great? Well - with the addition of C values into the app, it now means you can send messages that natively will allow you to play a piano or alter CC values (envelopes that can control various things like EQs, modulation etc.) without having to convert an OSC message. It just makes things that little bit simpler.

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FRACT OSC download it from here.

An awesome game concept, see what the makers have to say:

"FRACT is a first person puzzle adventure game much in the vein of the Myst titles, but with an electro twist. It’s an exploratory game, set in an abstract world built on sound. In the game, players explore this broken-down, abandoned world, solve puzzles that allow them to rebuild its forgotten machinery, which then allows them to create their own sounds and music within the world. Structures and sounds within the game are inspired by aspects of electronic music, and FRACT OSC focuses specifically on synthesizers. FRACT OSC is expected for release on PC/Mac in 2012.”

Love it!

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Wonderland’s 12th Night

On Saturday (17.03.12) night I VJed at the brilliant club night - Wonderland . Overall the set went down pretty well and the clips were responsive for most of the time. During the set, I had every performers worst nightmare - a crash. This happened several times during the night, it seems that changing the decks in Resolume was the cause of this. It didn’t happen every time, however it did happen a total of 7 times. Not exactly what you want from a set… In terms of memory usage, the machine seemed to be running fine and I wasn’t maxing anything out. Maybe it’s just a case of checking the clips for codec issues… All were converted to DXV, however some came from animation, some from MP4 and some from photo Jpeg. Each crash took a minute or so for Resolume to restore itself which wasn’t great. Next time I may try and bundle all clips into 1 deck and see how it handles them all.

Aside from that, one crash led to a loss of serial number (requiring me to sign in to retrieve a license) and also disabled layers 7 and 8. Having spoken to the makers of Resolume, the Serial issue is to do with the Beta of v4 (of which I still have installed as well as the licensed copy) but the layer issue is still a mystery…

Other Issues I came across - 

Touch OSC isn’t great for Tempo tapping, nor is Resolume great at keeping time. I found that using an external BPM clock, i.e. Ableton (as I’ve used in a previous, slightly more complicated set up) is overall better. Using a physical controller such as the Launchpad to control abltn should hopefully get around this.

Getting the network to connect was a bit of a hassle. I use a computer to computer network as connecting to a club’s wireless can be slow - this one in particular  (Crucifix Lane, LDN) was giving me a half second delay. I find that the iPad and Macbook sometimes just don’t want to see each other and it requires a few network attempts (and maybe a restart) to get them to see one another.

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Live Setup
Live Setup:
Macbook Pro 2.6GHZ i7 (2010 Model) 8GB RAM 7200 RPM Drive OSX 10.6.8
iPad 2 - Touch OSC 
Resolume V4.0.1
4 Compositions
8 Layers
Approx. 24 Clips p/layer
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STUDIO ASZYK // Design, Animation, Illustration, Visuals

A small design studio with a focus on complex, intriguing animations used for visuals.
In this blog I’ll be documenting gigs as part of ASZYK, adding experimental bits of animation, and also using this as a place to list videos I come across that can be used for VJing under a creative commons license - always a handy thing for us VJs to have.

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